Zehnder Gluten Free Bakehouse Premium Desserts

This July saw the launch of two premium desserts from Zehnder Gluten Free Bakehouse. The desserts can be found in the Frozen aisle of Woolworths stores and retail for $5.99. Each pack contains 2 premium gluten free desserts which means you pay roughly $3 each. Considering some of the other desserts on sale, this is a reasonable price. The two new desserts are Chocolate Puddings and Sticky Date Puddings.

Chocolate Puddings

Gluten Free Chocolate Pudding

The chocolate puddings are really simple to prepare. From frozen you remove the plastic lid and heat them in the microwave for 40 to 50 seconds on high. You could always eat them straight from the container. However, tipping them upside down and giving them a sharp tap will loosen them enough to plate with the sauce dripping over the edges. The chocolate pudding was absolutely decadent.

Gluten Free Bakehouse Chocolate Pudding

It had a rich chocolate flavour with a moist and dense texture. I may have thought it was a bit small when I first looked at it but due to the sweet flavour, it was a perfect size. From a non-coeliac point of view, Brody was making all sorts of noises that suggested I won’t need to twist his leg to try them again.

In terms of allergens, the Chocolate Puddings contain, egg, milk and soy with a may contain warning about tree nuts and sesame seeds.

Sticky Date Puddings

Gluten Free Sticky Date Puddings

The sticky date puddings were prepared in the same way as the chocolate pudding. The dense pudding was moist and delicious. However, we did find that the sweet rich caramel sauce overpowered the date flavour. Rather than being a sticky date pudding I’d probably think of it more as a caramel pudding. Thankfully there is absolutely nothing wrong with a caramel pudding. It was rich and satisfying.We would definitely buy them again.

Gluten Free Sticky Date Pudding

In regards to other allergens, like the Chocolate Puddings. These also contain egg, milk and soy with a may contain warning about tree nuts and sesame seeds.

I hope you enjoyed this quick look at the new premium dessert range from Zehnder Gluten Free Bakehouse. Over on my instagram, the company mentioned that soon they’ll be releasing their collaboration with Jacqui Cooper. Furthermore, they mentioned the new range will be frozen donuts. If you can’t wait though and live in Melbourne maybe Foddies will help sate your cravings.

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Until Next Time;

Ashlee; The Aussie Coeliac.