• Hi Ann;
      If you head to the Silly Yaks website there is a list of stockists there; it looks like they have two major stockists listed for WA.
      Western Australia

      “We can offer you the following major stockists in Western Australia.
      Forrest Road Fresh
      50 Forrest Road
      Armadale 6112
      Ph: (08) 9497-7811

      Malibu Fresh Essentials
      Malibu Shopping Centre
      Malibu Road
      Safety Bay 6169
      Ph: (08) 9527-3108”

    • Hi Ann and Aussie Coeliac,

      Firstly, Aussie Coeliac, thanks for the glowing review and for answering Ann’s question. You might not believe this, but having looked at your photograph I think that I remember you from our cafe in Northcote all those years ago – did your mother ever bring you there? The cafe where you first tried our products was called The Blue Butterfly Cafe and, like so many cafes around that time that tried their hand at catering to gluten free diets, they weren’t able to make a financial success of it. It was a great shame.

      Likewise, we were sorry to see Loot Cafe & Garden go, another of the early stockists. So few of them are left now.

      In truth, our website is rather in need of updating and those stockists you’ve mentioned above may not actually carry the product any more. Ann’s best bet would be to contact our WA distributor, Devings Fine Foods, either by email (sales@devings.com.au) or by telephone ((08) 9248-5834). Unfortunately distribution in WA has always been very problematic for us, as frozen freight is so expensive and the market is a relatively small one.

      Oh, and Aussie Coeliac – congratulations on having built such a successful and well respected food blog! That is NOT an easy task.

      The Team @ Silly Yaks

      • Hi Bryn;
        We may have visited in northcote as well, to be honest the memory gets a little fuzzy after so many years. I’m glad I remembered butterfly and blue.
        So many gluten free cafes close or can’t maintain so they change direction, it is unfortunately how the market is. I think we are just too wide spread for the areas that they have been located. It is similar as you mention with the frozen freight too, everything needs to be worthwhile profit wise. I am grateful that my IGA stocks you constantly so i never have to go without, touch wood.Thank you for letting Ann know about the other stockists and thank you to Devine Fine Foods as well for their comment.

        Thank you for the kind words about the blog too, it is a labour of love, i’ve poured a lot of time, money and hard work into it. It can be hard especially when working a full time job. I hope that this little piece brings about lots of new customers who will be just as excited as I was to try your products. For now, I’ve got some garlic bread made on your rolls and a pizza on your pizza base calling my name for dinner.
        – Ashlee

    • Hi Ann,

      We are Silly Yaks distributors in WA. There is a limited range of products available, and they are stocked in IGA’s, Farmer Jacks stores and independent retailers.

      There are a bit more stores than listed in the post above where Silly Yaks products are available in WA, and we are working on increasing Silly Yaks products range and stockists here. Depending on a product you are after, check out the following outlets (listed below) or give us a call on 08 9248 5834 and we’ll help you to source the product you are after. Thanks.

      Perth Metro
      Basils Fine Foods
      Farmer Jacks Halls Hear
      IGA Supa Waterford
      Napoli Mercato
      Bullsbrook Supermarket
      Coogee Continental Deli
      Peaches Fresh Food Market
      IGA Helena Valley

      Regional WA
      IGA Bindoon
      IGA Supa North Road Albany
      IGA Hyden
      IGA Denmark X-Press
      IGA Fresh Margaret River
      IGA Moora
      IGA Pink Lake Esperance
      IGA Supa Rigters Geraldton
      IGA The Stables Bridgetown
      IGA Wongan Hills
      Farmer Jacks Meekatharra
      IGA Denham X-Press

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