Restaurant Reviews

All of my restaurant reviews are based on my personal opinions and experiences. I am by no means a professional food critic just a Coeliac with a passion for food and sharing the best gluten free restaurants around Victoria.

All reviews are written around the time of the visit and we all know that menus and food can change so please ensure that you check with your waiter or waitress and chef at the time of your visit.

There are two categories that I rate each restaurant and cafe I review on.

Firstly I use  five stars to rate how Coeliac friendly the restaurant is. Then there is a second lot of stars, used to rate the restaurant atmosphere and food quality.

The five stars that determine how Coeliac friendly the restaurant is are based around:

  • If the restaurant is Coeliac Society Accredited or not.
  • Their knowledge of cross contamination.
    •           Whether the restaurant is either 100% gluten free.
    •            If they have a completely separated cooking area for the gluten free foods.
    •            Their cross contamination measures including: Washing their hands. Changing gloves when interchanging meals.
    •            If the restaurant prepares, stores and/or cooks food in the same area as gluten.
    •            If the restaurant has no idea about the dangers of cross contamination.
  • What percentage of the menu is gluten free.

The five stars to determine the quality of the restaurant is split between:

  • The atmosphere. The seating, the decor, the service.
  • The quality of the food and price.

These ratings will be displayed in two rows at the top of each review. Unless stated every meal was paid for by myself or my family. If I am ever asked to attend a venue it will be stated very clearly at the beginning of my review.

Finally, if you have any venues you would like me to review please leave a comment or email me and let me know.

Ashlee; The Aussie Coeliac.

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  1. Lynne

    So many interesting reviews I’ve found here. Hopefully you manage to get some more up over my side of town, down south 🙂

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