Gluten Free Bread

Yep, gluten free bread gets it’s own page because let’s face it bread is pretty important to most people. It is also the one product that most people end up hating the gluten free version of. I taste test bread mixes, ready made bread and write other bread articles as to help you create your own decisions about which bread product you want to try.

When reviewing bread I always put it through four separate trials. The first is the sandwich trial, which involves finding out how the bread goes as a normal sandwich. Secondly, I toast it. Does it burn easily, what does it taste like after it is toasted and so on. The third trial is the Jaffle Press or grilled cheese. For me, you need to be able to press the bread into a delicious toasted sandwich for it to be a complete success. Finally, I test the breads absorption. Making sure that the bread mops up the last of your egg yolk and works well in your soup without turning into a soppy mess.

Ready Made Bread (Supermarket Chains)

Ready Made Bread (Independent Bakeries)

Bread Mixes

Hot Cross Buns

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