AGFL: The Box

The Australian Gluten Free Life Magazine also has a gluten free subscription box.

The box can be bought monthly for $30.00AUD, in a three-month subscription for $80.00AUD or the new six-month option for $150.00. You can purchase them here.

The box ships in the third week of the month and from experience contains 6-8 gluten free ingredients.

You can see my previous box reviews below:

Previous AGFL: The Box Reviews

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2016 AGFL Boxes
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2015 AGFL Boxes
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AGFL: MayAGFL: AugustAGFL: November
AGFL: JuneAGFL: SeptemberAGFL: December

Please note: I am not affiliated with Australian Gluten Free Life and do not receive any kick backs if you click on the link above to purchase.


    • Hi Zoe;
      Since you’ve commented on the AGFL box I imagine you are asking if they have any other options in the boxes. While some of their products can be safe for other allergies the box is only guaranteed to have gluten free products. Feel free to head over to their website and contact them but I don’t believe that they can promise to only include dairy free or nut free products, I just purchase and review the boxes I don’t have any association with the company.
      Thanks for reading.

  1. Joanna

    I’d never heard of this before your blog. It definitely seems worthwhile although I’m not sure if i’ll eat everything in the boxes.

  2. Richard

    These boxes look like a great way to test new gluten free products! I’ve read through and looked at every month you’ve received so far and I am definitely sharing this with my Wife and son who are diagnosed coeliacs.

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