Gluten Free Finds September

I’m going, to be honest, September has definitely not been my month. Thankfully it is coming to an end and that means another gluten free finds. I’ve started creating mini reviews based on the products in my gluten free finds for the month. This way I can speak about them here and then review them in depth at another time. These mini reviews will be in addition to the twice-weekly normal posts I do.

While I am happy to see the end of September for personal reasons, my biggest reason is that October brings us the Melbourne Gluten Free Expo. Once again we will huddle in the crowded halls of the convention centre stuffing ourselves with gluten free taste testers. That is now only a week and a bit away. However, before we get too excited, let’s take a look at this months gluten free finds.

Ceres Organic Seaweed Snacks

Ceres Organic Seaweed

Earlier this month I posted these to my instagram because I love snacking on seaweed crisps. Usually I’d have to go to speciality stores to find some, however, Woolworths have just started stocking the Ceres Organic roasted seaweed snacks. In my store they only have two flavours; a mild chilli nori and a larger roasted nori pack. Thankfully both are clearly labelled gluten free. The larger pack of the plain roasted nori will cost $4.50 for just around 11g. The Chilli Nori is a smaller pack of just 5g and will cost $2.50.

Gourmet Gyoza

Gluten Free Gyoza

From the delicious minds of the former 8D house owners, comes the gluten free Gourmet Gyoza. In four delicious varieties, you can find a list of stockists on their facebook. The flavours we can taste are:

  • Pork and Chives
  • Lemongrass Chicken
  • Chicken and Shitake Mushroom
  • and Buddha’s Veggie

Each of these cost $12.99 at my local IGA store. A full review will be coming in October so look out for that.

Zoosh Aioli and Mayonnaise

Zoosh Mayo

Mayonnaise and Aioli are products that have many different uses, from sandwich spreads to a standard condiment and even as an ingredient in mash potato. Thankfully if you are in a hurry all you need to do is check the back of your nearest ZOOSH bottle. With a range of different products that are tested and labelled gluten free, there is a flavour for everyone. At Coles, the 350g bottle will set you back around $5.00. I really love the Free Range Egg Peri Mayo personally.

Mr Chen’s Gluten Free Prawn Hargow

Gluten Free Prawn Hargows Mr Chens

The newest addition to the Woolworths freezer aisle that has all the Coeliacs excited are Mr Chen’s gluten free prawn hargow. The pack of 8 retails for around $7.99 and incorporates real seafood. This is the only variety at the moment that is gluten free so do not confuse it with their other flavours. I found that they were stocked in with the brand rather than the usual gluten free area of the freezer.

Aussie Delights Flavoured Popcorn

Aussie Delights gluten free popcorn

Late night Kmart trips are one of my favourite hobbies. Without large groups of people, I can check products and read ingredients to my heart’s content. The need for a late night movie snack is the reason I found the Aussie Delights flavoured popcorn. While popcorn might not be everyone’s favourite snack, it has always been top of my list. There is plain, cheese and salted caramel popcorn, all labelled gluten free and perfect for a road trip.

That is it for the gluten free finds this month. Each has a mini review planned with a full look at the Gourmet Gyozas. I was really disappointed that my IGA hasn’t yet stocked their freezer with the gluten free profiteroles and eclairs. However, you can be sure that I will find them in October to share with all of you.

I’ll be at the Gluten Free Expo on Saturday the 7th of October. If you see me be sure to say Hi! For those who aren’t going on Saturday, I’ll have a live Q and A session on Facebook to answer any questions you may have about the deals or exhibitors.

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Until Next Time;

Ashlee; The Aussie Coeliac.


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