Coles Ready to Eat Bakery Range

The internet burst with the news of the new and ready to eat gluten free cakes from Coles released late last month. I excitedly searched three stores before finally finding the two ready to eat cakes, the banana bread and I couldn’t help but pick up a pack of the lamingtons. I haven’t talked about them before on the website so this seemed like a good place to put them.

Ready to Eat Gluten Free Coles Cakes

There was a bit of disappointment from some of the community when the finally saw the cakes in real life. Photos of the cakes make them seem deceptively larger than they really are. Both cakes are actually only approximately 12cm in diameter. To some this may be frustrating, however with the multiple layers I managed to cut six decent sized pieces. Honestly, I may even get 8 slices out of it, for those who aren’t massive sweet fans.
The cakes come in two varieties and it would be amazing if Coles could add a few more to this. Perhaps a classic sponge even, we can dream. Currently, you can find the gluten free cakes in Chocolate and Carrot flavours. They are found in the bakery section, not the health food aisle or standard area for gluten free foods and will set you back $8.50 each.

Coles Chocolate Cake

The chocolate cake was very rich, we thought it was a little on the dense side but I think it was due to us nearing the best before date. I suppose I’ll just have to buy and eat another one to confirm if they are fluffier straight off the shelf. Despite this dense texture, it was a decent chocolate cake. Those chocolate flakes on top of the icing get everywhere, be warned. While it is nothing extravagant, it’s perfect for a quick gathering of friends or if you need to pick up a small cake on the go. Serving it with ice cream also makes an easy dessert to end any dinner. If I have a chocolate cake craving and can’t be bothered making my own, this is definitely something I’ll keep in mind.

Coles Gluten Free Carrot Cake

The iced carrot cake is the perfect morning tea option. My department at work is only small so we managed to cut this into thinner pieces and enjoyed it with coffee.It has a delicious flavour with pieces of walnut throughout. The icing isn’t too sweet which is nice and compliments the slightly savoury cake well. Brody enjoyed the moist carrot cake more than the chocolate. This is another perfect morning tea quick stop to keep in mind as well.

Gluten Free Banana Loaf Coles

Found in the same section as both cakes, the Banana loaf is another great quick dessert option. Priced at $6.50 for the loaf, when you consider the prices of other gluten free products it is pretty much on par. This was my favourite of the range. The banana cake was full of flavour and not overly sweet. If you wanted to you could add some cream cheese icing for those with a sweet tooth.

Coles Gluten Free Lamingtons

Finally, of course, we have the lamingtons. Brody downed about half the packet I imagine because he thought they were that good. They are pretty typical, a sponge with chocolate icing and coconut. I’m not even a big fan of desiccated coconut but couldn’t keep my hands off them. The pack of 12 costs $5.00, which I think is pretty decent pricing. I could easily grab these for a work morning tea or shake them out onto a platter for that gathering of friends I keep talking about.

What do you think of the new Gluten Free ready to eat bakery goods? Are you like my aunt who had no idea they even existed? Yes, I am talking about you, Aunty Dan. Leave a comment down below letting me know your thoughts.

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Until Next Time;
Ashlee; The Aussie Coeliac.