Aldi: Has No Breakfast Cereals, Meals and Cookies

We all know that every year Aldi does their annual gluten free sale. Along with some of our old favourites, like:

They also introduced two Has No gluten free cereals and new chocolate chip cookies. I realized that despite buying the black forest biscuits last year I hadn’t formally reviewed them so I’ve also thrown these in for good measure. I’ve also added the recent gluten free heat and eat roasts.

Has No Cocoa Puffs

Aldi Has No Gluten Free Cocoa Puffs

Brody says that these are the closest gluten free alternative to coco pops he has tried. Rather than being overly chocolatey like Cocoa Bombs they had a subtle faux malt flavour. Since these are only limited time only I had to stock up. These will easily make their way into my top cereals. They are of course perfect for making chocolate crackles and I even used them as a cheesecake base. There is no better way to enjoy them though then with milk, whether that be for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Has No Cornflakes

Perfect for making honey joys, crumbing chicken like in my buttermilk chicken recipe and of course enjoying for breakfast. They are pretty standard and thankfully cheaper than the official gluten free cornflakes. I have honestly never been a big fan of corn flakes as a breakfast cereal, to begin with. However, for those of you who like these types of cereals, these are a good solid option.

Has No Chocolate Chip Cookies

Aldi Has No

I am not ashamed to admit that I am eating one of these cookies as I’m writing. These are really delicious. No other words are necessary. They are packed full of chocolate chips rather than only having a few here or there. A number of chocolate chips bring creaminess to the crumbly texture of the cookie. A box contains five individually wrapped cookies which make it perfect for pacing yourself. Each cookie is a good size too, fitting perfectly in the palm of my hand. These once again have to be stocked up on since they are limited edition. Please, Aldi, make these permanent!

Has No Black Forest Cookies

These cookies aren’t a new product on the shelves but I did have to buy them again. A chocolate cookie with chocolate chips and jubey pieces too. They have a dry texture but the chewy surprises definitely make it worthwhile. These come in a standard pack which makes it hard to portion if you have no self-control like me. They are also smaller than the chocolate chip cookies, that makes eating more of them ok right?

Heat and Eat Meals

Aldi Gluten Free Meal

Not part of the gluten free sale, the steak and chicken heat and eat meals were released a few weeks before. Both are labelled gluten free on the front and contain, mash potato,  carrot, protein and gravy. While it may seem easy for a lot of people, me included to put together a simple roast with mash and vegetables. These are really handy for people short on time. They are ready in under 10 minutes and edible.

Gluten Free Aldi Chicken Meal

The proteins in both meals were a little dry. It is to be expected since they are being reheated in a microwave. The mash potato gets a little crusty around the edges but again it is nice overall. The main winner for me is the gravy. I really enjoyed the gravy on both the chicken and the steak meals. It adds a needed moistness to the meat. It isn’t as thick as I’d personally make it but still yum. If you are looking for more gluten free gravies, gravox has a range.

Aldi Steak and Mushroom Gluten Free Meal

Well, that is my little look and review at this years gluten free sale from Aldi. If you want to see any of my other reviews for their products you can search Aldi in the side bar. Hopefully, some of these products stay around a little bit longer. My store still has some so I’ve been stocking up, hopefully, you have been enjoying these as well.

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Until Next Time;

Ashlee; The Aussie Coeliac


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