• Curried Potato and Lentil Soup
  • AGFL: The Box – June 16
  • Gluten Free On the Go
  • Bobo’s Fish ‘N’ Chips – Highton Geelong
  • Maple Syrup Mug Pudding
Curried Potato and Lentil Soup

Curried Potato and Lentil Soup

Melbourne weather predictions are heading down. We are curling up under blankets and in front of fires. Our heaters and jackets are on, as we listen to the rain outside. Everyone is getting sick too and we all know the best cure for a winter cold is soup. This isn’t just your average soup recipe though. My curried potato and lentil soup will warm you in more ways than one….

Gluten Free Box June

AGFL: The Box – June 16

With the end of the month coming up it is of course time for the AGFL Gluten Free box review. My box full of goodies arrived at work last week with some tried and true products and some new intriguing products. For anyone interested in subscribing head over to the Australian Gluten Free Life Website. You can also find my reviews of previous boxes on my AGFL page. First of…

Gluten Free On The Go

Gluten Free On the Go

Yet again we spent most of this week without an oven or stove. Rather than buying the same Sunrice microwave meals as last week though, we went hunting. We came across the On the Go range with three flavours being gluten free by ingredient. The gluten free by ingredient ones are, Dynamite Chilli, Indian Chicken Jalfrezi with brown rice and a thai green chicken curry. They of course are also free…


Bobo’s Fish ‘N’ Chips – Highton Geelong

I had been hearing so much about Bobo’s Fish ‘N’ Chips in Highton lately I’d gotten curious. For those of you who aren’t aware Bobo’s fish ‘n’ chips offer gluten free fish and chips. The gluten free offerings are cooked in their own fryer but only during certain times. These times are; Tuesday to Thursday 11am til 8pm and then Friday to Sunday 11am til 5.30pm. We just so happened to be down in…

Gluten Free Maple Syrup Mug Pudding

Maple Syrup Mug Pudding

This week has been really exhausting. I do apologize that some posts have been late. Thankfully though not having a stove or oven hasn’t slowed me down. I’ve merely utilized other appliances in the kitchen. This resulting in handy recipes like, the creamy rice cooker pasta and this recipe for maple mug pudding. However before I get on to that, I thought i’d quickly give you a renovation update. We are so pleased…

Gluten Free Dairy Free Pasta Recipe

Creamy Rice Cooker Pasta

Brody and I usually have pasta every few weeks. However without a stove or oven we thought that this week we would have to go without. Until I decided to try and make pasta in our rice cooker. Yep you heard me, you can make pasta in a rice cooker. So here you have it, a recipe for Creamy Rice Cooker Pasta. Since I had never used the rice cooker like this…

Sunrice Gluten Free Meals

Sunrice: Gluten Free Meals

What do you do for dinner when you have no oven or stove? The answer that most people will give is ‘get take out, of course’ – We know though that for a Coeliac of someone who needs to eat gluten free just getting take out isn’t exactly easy and more often than not it isn’t even available close to home. Thankfully there is an answer to this exact dilemma that…

Gluten Free 4 U Kew

Gluten Free 4 U Kew: Tasting Night

The Gluten Free 4 U Kew store hosted it’s first ever Taste Testing Customer Experience night over the weekend.  I was notified when they created the night on facebook; however it had gained so much interested that the small event was booked out in under 24 hours – it may even have been under 12 hours – and they were forced to close the event to avoid more people attending. Luckily for me…

Gluten Free Miso Mushroom Fettuccine Recipe

Miso Mushroom Fettuccine

Mushrooms are a diverse ingredient in cooking; with differing species that can bring different flavours, textures and aromas to a dish. Of course you should never just pick a wild mushroom from anywhere and every mushroom must be identified to ensure that it is not poisonous. Of course you have the standard button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, shitake, enokitake, black fungi and the list goes on, each with their own properties…

Tasman Meats Coeliac Accreditation

Tasman Meats – Coeliac Accredited

There was some exciting news for Coeliacs some months ago when Tasman announced that they had achieved Coeliac Society endorsement. With 63 recipes revamped to be gluten free in their 18 stores across Victoria. If you are a Coeliac Society Member you would have received this information via the March Publications. However it is absolutely fantastic to know you can buy gluten free Tasman Meats products so I thought that I would…