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How to Cater for a Coeliac

How to cater for a Coeliac

So you would like to cater for a Coeliac or Gluten Intolerant guest but have no idea where to start? There is a bit of a difference between catering for a Coeliac and someone who is only gluten intolerant. For anyone with Coeliac disease a strict gluten free diet must be followed at all times. Care must be taken to prevent cross contamination while you are prepping the food. Unfortunately…


Gluten Free Home Ice Cream

My first introduction to Home Ice Cream was when my Aunt handed me a chocolate covered heart one day. “It’s gluten free” she said. That was many years ago now, back when the jingle was played on television so often it’d get stuck in your head. I can even hear it in the back of my mind now. It wasn’t until years later that I got to have my own…

Gluten Free Seedling Cafe

Seedling Cafe

Whenever I head back into the City it seems yet another 100% gluten free café is there for me to explore. While The Seedling Café in Flinders Lane isn’t brand new, its sister Café on Little Collins street is a recent addition. Boasting a menu of 100% Gluten Free food and specialising in Paleo, refined sugar-free and clean food; I couldn’t pass by without seeing what they had in store. For…


AGFL: The Box – November 16

Can you believe it is almost December? Christmas is around the corner once more but before we start singing Deck the Halls, we have the November AGFL Box to review. This month had everyone excited with the contents. I have already had many people asking me what the products were like and if I’ll bring them in to share. As always if you aren’t sure what I am talking about,…

Last Minute Chef Gluten Free

Last Minute Chef

Catering for an entirely gluten free party could become quite time-consuming. Even if you don’t want to cook or bake for the party you still need to find the products and purchase them. During the holiday seasons when you may need to cater for lots of parties perhaps it may even exhaust you. Well here is another option that can give you a break from preparing, thinking and stressing. Last…

Gluten Free Lemon Chicken

Lemon Chicken

Just like with the Sweet and Sour Pork, Brody always loves the takeaway shop lemon chicken. Once again I found myself wanting to try a part of his world. Thus I created my own gluten free version. I used a very similar batter to the Sweet and Sour pork recipe. This time battering chicken of course and then topping with a sticky lemon sauce. Again this sauce doesn’t have the neon colour of its…

Gluten Free White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Baked White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

One of the first recipes I ever converted to gluten free was a white chocolate berry cheesecake. I used to make mini cheesecakes for parties and special occasions. They quickly became my go-to dessert whenever people asked me to make something. However, when I started learning to bake other creations my classic favourite took a back seat. Now I get to revamp it once more and bring you my recipe for…

Gluten Free Kooee! All Natural Snacks

Kooee! All Natural Snacks

Disclaimer: I did not pay for these products. Kooee! All Natural Snacks sent me these jerky products with the understanding that if I reviewed them it would be 100% honest. Jerky is definitely an acquired taste. Many people at work will happily snack on the dehydrated meat with me but others aren’t fans of the texture. If you do like Jerky though you’ll be happy to know that there are…


Gluten Free Camping

As the weather begins to warm, outdoor activities become more prevalent in social gatherings. Hiking, road trips, fishing and camping fill our weekends but of course as a Coeliac being stuck in the middle of nowhere can be a struggle. This week is all about gluten free camping, with tips that can work for long road trips, hikes or days away. All those times when you can’t keep food cold…