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  • Sheppard’s Pie with Sour Cream Pastry
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July 16 Gluten Free Box

AGFL: The Box – July

The end of July brought me a first in the Australian Gluten Free Box. A box full of not only gluten free products but with almost entirely dairy free products as well. There were two exceptions, one that was lactose free but still contained milk and one that had a may contain warning on the packet. The box has some good solid products and I believe I will use everything…

Gluten Free Sheppards Pie

Sheppard’s Pie with Sour Cream Pastry

Sheppard’s pie is that one dish that almost everyone has a recipe for. Of course most of these recipes include beef not lamb. According to history this would make the dish a cottage pie rather than a Sheppard’s. I’ve always known this as a sheppard’s pie recipe though and since the terms have been used synonymously for years we will leave it at that. Growing up mum would make these without a…


July Gluten Free Finds

I decided that this month I would bring you a new series. There are lots of items that I just happen to come across that are gluten free. Usually though I find one singular product at a time and it isn’t worth writing a whole review about. This series will feature a random assortment of gluten free products that I have come across each month. For each item I will…


Butterscotch Apple Pie

On Monday it was my Mum’s birthday. You probably remember that I mentioned mum loves apple pies in a few posts. Which meant that for her birthday instead of cake I baked her an apple pie. Not just any apple pie though, a butterscotch apple pie. Stewing the apples in sugar and butterscotch liqueur infuses them with flavour. You can substitute the butterscotch liqueur with water if you’d prefer to create…


Harry’s Bar and Food Room

Last year while researching, a restaurant in Moone Ponds caught my eye.  They mainly got my attention for the Coeliac Society logo on their website. Many things on their website sounded delicious so I took my usual steps to contact them about their food. I received a quick response back where they discussed clean pots, utensils, not cooking gluten pasta in the same pot as non gluten free. Happy with the…

Gluten Free Gooey Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

Gooey Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

My friends lately have been asking why I haven’t posted more cookie recipes on here. They think that I make some pretty darn good cookies. My honest answer was, it just hasn’t come up yet. This line of questioning did inspire me to bring you another Cookie recipe to add to the likes of my teff cookie. The result was a gooey chocolate and marshmallow cookie that my co-worker said,…

Orgran Quinoa Porridge Gluten Free

Orgran Quinoa Porridge

The number one question that I see in Support groups are questions about oats and porridge. Of course we all know that oats aren’t ever really gluten free. However for those who have done an official oat challenge, you can enjoy uncontaminated oat porridge. For the others who don’t want to complete the challenge or have failed, we struggle to find a decent replacement. That is where the new Orgran Quinoa Porridge comes into play….


Beef Stroganoff

This time my winter warmer recipe isn’t a soup. Can you believe it? After sharing my cashew pumpkin soup and my curried potato and lentil soup I thought you may be a bit over them. That means this week for our savoury recipe I’m sharing a version of Beef Stroganoff.  Although traditionally a Russian dish it has been transported all over the world. It saw many countries adopting the main…

Dining as a coeliac

Dining Out As a Coeliac – Part 3

The finale of my dining out as a coeliac series has come to an end. Today’s section focuses on step four and step five which are all undertaken while you are at the restaurant. If you haven’t already, check out steps 1 to 3 in part 1 and part 2. I will also discuss at the end a few tips for those of you who turned up to a restaurant on…


Dining Out as a Coeliac – Part 2

If you haven’t already, check out Part one in the Dining Out as a Coeliac series. Today’s section focuses on how to ask about cross contamination. It is of course important to remember that unless a restaurant is 100% gluten free there is always a risk. However only eating at 100% gluten free restaurants will reduce your dining activities. The lack of 100% gluten free places around means that you…