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Maggi Recipe Bases

In March 2016, seven of the Maggi recipe bases underwent a change in ingredients and became Coeliac Society Endorsed products. You may have read about this in your state coeliac society membership magazine. The seven recipe bases that became coeliac society endorsed are; Beef Stroganoff Chicken Chasseur Chilli Con Carne Mexican Nachos Mince Cottage Pie Satay Chicken Lamb Ragout Over last year Brody and I have been trying these recipes…


Melbourne Aquarium – Christmas Function

Despite the lack of gluten free options during the day at the Melbourne Aquarium, their function caterers are on ball. For the first time ever I attended a work Christmas Party and thanks to the catering team; with whom I was able to speak to ensure that I had a safe dining experience. My discussion with the staff focused on clean utensils, preparation methods and the difference between gluten intolerance and…


The Good Fish Co.

Summer is the season for Fish and Chips. Most of the time you place your order, pay for the food and then take your food somewhere else to enjoy it. You might even return to the comfort of your own home to eat. That’s not the case though, with The Good Fish Co. Experience fish and chips in a fancier setting. Place your order, sit down and enjoy the mariner décor while…


2016 in Review

Well everyone 2016 has finally ended. To all my old and new readers I hope you had a successful and happy year As always I wanted to talk about my top posts for 2016. Based on my analytics my 2016 Easter overview was my best performing post. You all viewed it 2,447 times. I’ll be sure to continue listing the safe Easter options for you in the new year. In…


AGFL: The Box – December 2016

Our final box of the year arrived extremely early and brought with it some exciting new products to try. As always if you aren’t sure what the gluten free subscription box is, head on over to my AGFL page. There you can read all about the team at Australian Gluten Free Life and see my reviews of previous months. I am not affiliated with the team over at AGFL and…


Chrisco Gluten Free Hamper

Recently Chrisco announced their first ever gluten free hamper would be available for order. If you aren’t familiar with Chrisco, it is a week by week payment plan service where you can order food and presents in time for Christmas. Now that they offer a gluten free hamper it’s time to decide if it is the right choice for you. The promo photos for the gluten free hamper show a…


Gravox Sauces

If you are having roast meat for Christmas dinner this year then it probably won’t be complete unless it is smothered in sauce or gravy. This brings me to today’s review of the Premium finishing sauces by Gravox that are all labelled gluten free. There are six products in their premium liquid range, four finishing sauces and two gravies. Packaged in 160g satchels they are very easy to use. You…

Greit Gluten Free Pasta

Greit Rice Pasta

I adore getting emails from family run Australian gluten free businesses. Especially ones that I have never heard of before. This was the case when the owner of Greit Gluten Free Food got in contact with me. A fairly new player to the market, Greit gluten free food produces rice pasta that you may have tasted at the Sydney Gluten Free Expo this year. As a shout out to their success, they also won…


Christmas Goodies 2016

It’s that wonderful time of the year! Christmas season is almost upon us and like almost every celebration food plays an important part in socializing. To help those eating gluten free or anyone who might want to buy some gluten free treats for friends or family; I’ve put together some gluten free Christmas goodies that you can find in the stores. A lot of these are chocolates or lollies that…


Kelloggs Breakfast Biscuits

Note: These products were sent for me to review. However, the thoughts expressed in the below content are 100% honest and my own. They have been on the shelves for a little while now, but it’s true that the Kellogs Breakfast Biscuits are pretty good. I tried them for the first time in the AGFL box and thoroughly enjoyed them for a 3pm pick me up. Naturally, since I enjoyed…