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May Australian Gluten Free Life Box

AGFL: The Box – May 2016

As always the last week of the month sees the Gluten Free Subscription box from Australian Gluten Free Life turn up at my door. If you aren’t entirely sure what this magical gluten free subscription box is, you can find out all the information you need and reviews of the previous boxes on the AGFL the box page. For a quick run down, I am on the 6 month plan…


The Gluten Free Bookshelf

I absolutely love to curl up on the couch with a good book, maybe a cup of hot chocolate and an animal or two. Fiction preferably, maybe a comic book or two but of course when I’m in the kitchen there is nothing better than a fantastic cook book. Ever since I instagramed the photo of the three books that my mum bought me for Christmas I’ve gotten a few messages asking what…

Gluten Free Cheese and bacon Rolls

Cheese and Bacon Rolls

My all-time favourite snack as a kid was cheese and bacon rolls and from what I can see all around me they are still a morning treat or after school favourite among others as well. You probably remember how much I love cheese and bacon rolls / scrolls from my gluten free 4 u post earlier this year and my birthday present last year. I adore them and there is…

Connoisseur Desserts Range

Connoisseur Desserts

No longer do we need to suffer with plain chocolate mousse as the only dessert option from the supermarket. It seems that ever since the Wicked Sister gluten free dessert release that other companies are jumping on board to provide gluten free delights to those who need them. The Connoisseur dessert brand from Fonterra features seven different products that are gluten free by ingredient. They come in a mousse variety…

Gluten Free Risotto Cake Recipe

Mozzarella and Bacon Risotto Cakes

The first time I had a risotto cake it was from the original Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies line. I used to make them all the time using my silicone moulds and setting them out at parties. Risotto cakes are brilliant because you can stick a tooth pick in them and pop them in your mouth. Although the Melinda’s version has been sadly discontinued I continued creating risotto cakes in different…


Thr1ve – Melbourne Emporium

Being the comic book lover that I am, I often have to head into the city to pick up my comics. As my comic book store opens at 11 I often find myself in the city needing to find something for lunch. Thankfully Melbourne Emporium is just a short walk away and is not only home to Spud Bar but a few other places that provide safe gluten free take away….

Pumpkin and Cashew Soup Recipe

Winter Warmer: Pumpkin and Cashew Soup

It’s starting to get colder here in Melbourne. I’m not just talking about those days when its bright and sunny in the morning, rains at lunch time when you want to actually leave the house or office and then is sunny in the afternoon either. I’m talking about the heavy freezing cold rain that hits your skin and makes your body shiver. It floods the streets and soaks through your shoes drenching your socks….

Bopha Devi Feature

Bopha Devi – Docklands

Bopha Devi, it seems to be one of the more well-known restaurants among the gluten free community and while they are not 100% gluten free, their methods regarding cross contamination are good enough that even the Coeliac Society of Victoria and Tasmania chose them as one of their dining venues. They proclaim to have serviced Coeliacs for over 17 years and boast a large Cambodian menu of curries, stir fry…


Dark Chocolate Chilli Polenta Cake

For my second cake in the alternative flours series I decided to pay homage to my original Of Coeliac’s and Chilli days, back before I decided to rebrand myself. What better way to do this then to create a dark chocolate chilli polenta cake that has a good kick of spice. There are two options available in the recipe, one for those who are a little faint of heart and…

Gluten Free Subscription box Australia

AGFL: The Box – April 2016

I was pretty excited when I opened up my gluten free subscription box for April, almost as excited as I was to start my six monthly subscription so that I would never forget to renew again. The March box was pretty good, with some amazing products – like the teff flour that I used to create my teff flour banana bread. This months box though has definitely raised the bar with it’s seven products…